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Photoshoots: What NOT to Wear

Unique photographs are one the most powerful marketing tools you can add to your brand.

Not only are photoshoots fun and freeing,  they allow you to capture the essence of your business…


With any small business, it’s important to have a unique image. Often, the success of a small business has very little to do with the product or service they are selling and more to do with the team’s personability. There’s nothing people love more than buying from a business with familiar and kind faces!

That’s why photoshoots can be so beneficial in showing people not only the face of the business, but who YOU are! 

Let’s talk about how to get the most out of your photoshoot, what to wear, and what NOT to wear. 

First things first, consider the location of your shoot before planning any outfits! Is it going to be an inside or outside shoot? Daylight or nighttime? You want to make sure that what you wear pairs nicely with the environment you are in. Once this is established, put together 2-3 really good outfits to take with you!

In general, try to avoid bright colors, funky patterns and anything with a logo. Those will take away the attention from your beautiful face! (And it also just won’t look that great.)

When it comes to choosing light or darker clothing, a good rule of thumb is dark clothing tends to make you appear slender and will pair well with a lighter background while also looking very professional. Light clothing can give you a very refreshing look and can also pair great with a darker background!

Avoid loose baggy clothing and go for a more fitted look. Keep in mind, fitted doesn’t always mean skin-tight.

That being said, don’t let the photoshoot persuade you into wearing something you’ve never worn before. You want to be comfortable when you’re striking those poses, and if you aren’t 100% confident in that new button down shirt, forget about it! Go for your favorite outfits so you feel on top of the world! 

Long sleeve clothing is always a yes. Stay away from sleeveless ANYTHING! I’ve never met anyone who loves the way their arms look in a photo. 

Make sure your accessories aren’t too blingy and over the top. A dangly earring will add reflections and take the attention away from your face. Remember that the picture is all about your face, and small is better when it comes to jewelry. 

Lastly, and most importantly, don’t wear something you aren’t comfortable in! It will definitely show on your face. Don’t wear something that you can’t breathe in just for the sake of a good picture. The photoshoot is all about showing who you are, and if high heel stilettos and tight shirts aren’t you, ditch them! 

Keep in mind, everybody’s style is different and that’s simply okay! If you’re completely indecisive about what outfit to choose, most photographers are very educated on this topic and are more than happy to help you with your decisions. 

Are you planning a photoshoot? I’ve created a FREE guide to walk you through the 10 steps I use to plan my styled photoshoots!

Did you know we offer styled photoshoots?

That’s right! We collaborate on Pinterest to find your perfect look and can even help order props and review outfits before your shoot! 

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